The whole process of foreign trade

Foreign Trade

1.Received inquiry from customer:

Generally, before a customer places a purchase order, there will be a related Order Inquiry to the business department to understand and communicate some details.

2.Make a Quotation Sheet and send the customer to confirm:

The sales manager will respond to customer inquiries in time, Confirm the product name, specification, quantity, delivery date, payment terms, packaging, and Transaction mode, etc., will send Proforma Invoice to customers

3.Customer agree on the quotation and send PO :

After negotiation, a formal purchase order was received from the customer.

4.Confirm the delivery date:

After receiving the customer’s order confirmation, the factory will be informed verbally of the order details, and the factory will be required to arrange a production plan and respond to the delivery date.


After determining the delivery date, the business department can issue a production notice and notify the factory to produce on time when the following conditions are met.

5.1 If payment term by L/C, LC will be received 1 month before the delivery date. After receiving the L/C, the salesman and the document staff should review the letter of credit separately to check whether there are errors, Whether the delivery time can be guaranteed, and other possible problems, if there is any problem, please change the certificate immediately;

5.2 If payment term by TT, confirm that the deposit has been received;


6.1 Within one week before the delivery date, the company inspector shall be notified to inspect the goods.

6.2 If the customer wants to inspect the goods by himself or by a designated inspector, he must make an appointment with the customer for inspection and inform the planning department of the inspection date one week before the delivery date.

6.3 If the customer appoints the inspection by a third-party inspection company or an impartial agency, the inspection company should be contacted two weeks before the delivery date to make an appointment for the inspection time. Make sure to arrange the time before the delivery date. The factory is notified of the inspection time.

7.Prepare basic documents:

According to the packing information provided by the factory, prepare export contracts, export commercial invoices, packing lists, and other documents (should be prepared by the business merchandiser and handed over to the document clerks).

8.Commodity inspection:

Some goods will be asked to make commodity inspection according to HS CODE, normally 2-10 days depending on different products and different areas.

9.Chartering and booking:

9.1 If the contract signed with the customer is FOB CHINA clause, usually the customer will appoint a transportation agency or shipping company. At this time, you should contact the freight forwarder as soon as possible to inform the delivery intention, understand the export port, shipping schedule, etc. to be arranged, and confirm whether the factory can deliver at least one week before the sailing schedule and whether the shipping schedule can reach the customer The required delivery date. Note that you should send a written ING ORDER to the freight company two weeks before the delivery date, and you can usually get the ING ORDER one week before sailing.

9.2 If it is CIF clause, the shipper should contact the shipping company as soon as possible to check the schedule, freight, port of departure, etc. when ETD and ETA confirmed, the shipper should inform the consignee and send shipping documents to customers to prepare the clear before goods arrival,


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